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We are proud to offer products from CoCo Knits, Knitter's Pride, HiyaHiya, Clover and more!

Ball Winders & Swifts


Pins and Needles

Point Protectors

Scissors and Snips

Shawl Pins

Stitch Holders

Stitch Markers

Tapes Measures



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Linea Metal Stitch Markers


Acrylic Tiny Sock Stitch Markers


Addi Fix It Tool


Aluminum Stitch Holders


Amour Metal Stitch Markers


Ashford Ball Winders


Ashford Finishing Wax


Ashford Handcream


Ashford Little Scissors


Assorted Snips


Asst Needle Case


Bent Tip Tapestry Needle


Big Eye Beading Needle


Boye Cable Needle


Boye Stitch Holder Asst.


Bryson Pear Pin Markers


Bryson Ring Stitch Markers



$2.00 - $4.00

Cable Holder Asst 14093


Cable Stitch Holder


ChaioGoo Nostepinne


Charming Stitch Markers


ChiaoGoo 5" Needle Gauge


ChiaoGoo Cable Connector


ChiaoGoo Circular Needle Case


ChiaoGoo IC Needle Case


Chibi Jumbo (Darning) 340


Chibi needles - #339


Circular Needle Protectors


Circular Point Protectors


Circular Stitch Holder


Circular Stitch Holder 24"


Clover "J" Cable Needle/Stitch Holder


Clover Yarn Threader


Cocoknits Notions

$7.00 - $15.00

Coil Knitting Needle Holders


Digital Row Counter


Digital Row Counters


Double Ended Stitch Holder


Dreamz Cable Needles


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