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Prym Ergo DPN Carbon Technology

These classic, black, ergonomic double pointed needles from Prym are a product of unique Carbon Technology. The result is a set of double pointed needles that is durable, but also light and flexible. The droplet shaped tips will maximise your pleasure when knitting socks or sleeves. The smooth surface allows the stitches to glide unhindered from the rounded tips to the triangular shaft. The droplet shaped tips make it easier to catch the yarn and prevent stitches from sliding off the end.

These Carbon Technology needles differ from Prym’s white Ergonomic Double Pointed Needles in that they are more firm to work with. You can utilize this if you wish to create a dense knitted fabric.  In contrast to metal needles in these gauges, the carbon knitting needles nestle snugly in your hand.

Material: Synthetic with carbon fiber
Length: 20 cm (7.9 in)
Color: Black/White
Contents: 5 pcs.