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Kollage Square

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Quality Knitting Needles
Due to the difference in SquareTM  kollage knitting needles to traditional kollage knitting needles, we strongly recommend you knit a swatch for gauge. Please note: Generally knitters go up one needle size for circulars and DPN's to obtain gauge. 

Our original cable is very soft and flexible and has no memory. Some people even call it floppy. The new firm cable is similar to most other circular cables out in the market, except a little softer so it’s ready to knit with right out of the package. In regards to if they work for you is a personal choice. Some people like the soft and some like the firm. You will have to try them and see what you think! 

Louet North America
Louet North America carries a variety of Kollage SquareTM knitting needles, including double pointed needles, kollage circular needles, interchangeable and straight needles. All of our Kollage knitting needles are made from high grade aluminum (in a titanium color) and many are available in a variety of sizes and lengths to suite all of your needs and projects. 

Louet North America is dedicated to providing the highest quality spinning, hand knitting, and weaving products and Knitting Supplies. For 30 years we have continued to produce reliable and quality products, with an emphasis on environmentally conscience practices.