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Dreamz Crochet Hook Set
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #: IISET/C-6150

KP Interchangeable Cords
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #s: IIA-8505, IIA-8504, ...

Resilient, flexible cords lay flat, with no kink or twist!

$2.99 - $3.00

Dreamz Crochet Hooks
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #s: IIDC/E, IIDC/F, ...

Dreamz crochet hooks are designed by people who know and understand the art of crochet. Hand crafted by skilled artisans. All hooks have grooves that prevent stitch slippage. Available in a palette of beautiful colors – easy to identify and organize.


Row Counter Clicky
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #: 8149

Allows you to count row, stitch and pattern counts. Can be worn around the neck. Click to increase the row count. Can be easily reverted back to zero.

Zing 6" DPN Set
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #: IISET-1303

Made of superior grade metal with the lightness of aluminum! This set includes needle sizes US 0, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3 all packaged in a stylish red and blue striped needle case,


Dreamz 6" DPN Set
by Knitter's Pride

Manufacturer #: IISET-2605

Conveniently packaged set of most popular sized small needles in 6" length with a polished wood surface


Zing Deluxe IC Set
by Knitters Pride

Manufacturer #: IISET-1301

Includes 9 sets of 5" Interchangeable tips in sizes US 4 (3.5mm) - US 11 (8.0mm) in a durable yet lightweight metal along with 4 cords and accessories packaged in a zippered case.


Rainbow Knit Blockers
by Knitter's Pride

Manufacturer #: IIA-8417

These blockers substantially speed up blocking on all types of projects